Privacy Statement

Cyclone Web Store is dedicated to protecting your privacy.

Web Site Information Collection

Cyclone Web Store does not collect any type of personally identifiable information about the users of our web site. We analyze our web site logs to identify traffic and usage patterns in order to continually enhance our service offerings, but we make no attempt to identify individual users from this information.


Cyclone Web Store does not directly make use of cookies on our web site.

Third-party Cookies

The listings on Cyclone Web Store are provided in conjunction with various third-party auction providers. These providers may or may not make use of cookies, and in the course of viewing the listings, or more details about a specific listing item, you may or may not receive a cookie from one of these third parties; the privacy policies of the individual third-party auction providers can be viewed on their respective web sites.

Email Newsletter

If you choose to sign up to receive special offers and discounts in your email from Cyclone Web Store, your email address will not be sold, rented, given or otherwise shared or disclosed with any third parties whatsoever, except as required by court order or other legal order. Your email address will be protected in a secured database and all reasonable and due cautions will be undertaken to ensure that it remains secure.


Should you at any time wish to stop receiving special offers and discounts in your email from Cyclone Web Store you may unsubscribe by following the instructions included with every email.